How we work

We exist to provide solutions to organisations which need the clarity and focus a unified culture brings. The model we use to manage risk enables all staff to be responsible for the safety of day-to-day business.

Culture change which is robust and agile requires people in the business to take responsibility for what they do and for what the whole organisation offers to clients/patients.

We work with individuals in parallel with leadership teams and governance structures to enable personal change to happen in concert with professional and organisational change. The focus on organisational objectives that this approach enables is supported by a web-based tool allowing practitioners to track and manage risk at all levels of the organisation. Critically it also allows the leadership team to collect and collate data to aid in the prediction of risk and so take action through well-designed policies and practises.

Ensuring that all employees know and understand the mission of the organisation and the quality standards which must be achieved every day is hard to achieve. The solutions are multifactorial.

Our interventions enable ongoing review and learning from experience which resources the organisational learning and development. Trends related to safety can be explored and shared across departmental and organisational boundaries to truly create a safer environment.

Our aim is to work within organisations to discover what is necessary and because of our research and experience to be able to solve issues interactively with the management team.