About us

Dr Mairi Mclean BA (Hons), MA, CQSW, DBA

Mairi has extensive health care experience gained over 30years as a professional in these services. This ranges from setting up and managing multidisciplinary teams, to designing joint commissioning teams for the health economy and re-provisioning mental health services. She has overseen the modernising and restructuring of health and social care provision in two large conurbations in the UK and is currently a non-executive Director of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust which provides tertiary acute hospital services to a large urban and rural population.

Mairi’s Masters Degree centers on the provision of family systemic treatment to people with terminal illnesses and their families, and her practical experience includes but is not limited to; work as a systemic family therapist; bereavement counseling and advocacy in child welfare and safeguarding cases. She has also worked under the judges rules of evidence in special psychiatric prison services.

Dr Simon Gill PhD BEng (Hons) CEng MRAeS

Simon has broad academic and business experience, developed in both large and small business, as an executive coach and through research. An engineering degree and passion for aviation led Simon to Airbus where he managed a team advising on the safe and efficient maintenance of aircraft, developing and implementing safety improvement processes, analysing safety incidences and coordinating research. Simon trained airlines, maintenance organisations and regulators worldwide, was Airbus’ representative on various safety committees and presented at many international symposia.

His psychology-based PhD developed techniques to optimize aircraft safety which form the basis of changes to European aviation regulation. For the last few years he has operated as an independent consultant advising companies on safety within and outside of the UK and has worked to build generic risk and safety management processes.

Simon has also grown a property business to a team of twelve staff with an annual turnover in excess of £1M and works part-time as an executive coach.

William Bulpin

William Bulpin is a qualified social worker with extensive practice experience in the field of child health and safety. As Director of social care services in one of the biggest counties in England he was responsible for working in conjunction with all health services to ensure best clinical practice, most effective use of all Human and Financial resources and innovative practice.

He is the author of a seminal study in ‘The Use and Application of Fostering and Adoption Services’ and led practice development for health and social care services for children whose parents were not fit to care for them. He chaired the local safeguarding committee for 11 years and is a member of the European Institute for Social Service.