The Safeguarding Community combines the diverse skills and experiences of its founders and an expert panel to deliver a safety improvement in health and social care. Based on rigorous academic research and practical experience, our work and innovative products deliver real improvements in safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Organizations operating in high-risk sectors must think systemically about how to identify, analyse and manage risk. The Safeguarding Community brings an innovative approach to safety in high-risk industries, helping to create sustainable safety management systems which not only improve safety but reduce costs and improve organizational effectiveness.

We work from concepts grounded in our academic research, but are proven implementers, translating these into practical solutions tailored to our clients needs. We develop organizations to allow them to manage safety effectively and efficiently themselves, involving individuals from all levels. This is achieved by training and development, supplemented by facilitated action learning to challenge and stretch their understanding in their personal settings.

We have also developed a web-based tool to allow organisations to effectively manage risk, supporting the reporting and management of safety incidents, but also more importantly the proactive identification and analysis of inherent risks. The tool allows for hidden trends in data to be identified and shared within a community to protect those who need our care.

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